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10 July 2011

by the river Ganga

Ganga or Ganges - the biggest river in India, home to many life forms, supported civilisation on its (and its tributaries and distributaries) banks' for 1000s of years and have been worshiped and venerated for generations. The river occupies a central place in Hindu system of beliefs. Indo-Gangetic plain is one of the most fertile and populous regions in the world. A trip to the river reveals many different aspects of its existence and the character of the people who live near the Ganges. This post tells the story of one evening.

hanging out in the evening





evening light reflects on water

buildings dot the river edge

enterprising children

looking for coins thrown by devotees

one of many factories next to the river

a leaf immersed in the river by some believer

the belief is that Mother Ganga can absorb, wash and purify every thing

now a flower thrown by a devotee

a pair of fishes - at last some thing which belongs to the river!