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19 August 2012

Us in these Days

The mask is
gradually slipping
from sainthood,
a shadow slowly moving
over wisdom

We are not
the people I thought
we were;
the days are not
the ones I thought
they would be

Hours are almost full,
fine waves of artistry
impregnate seconds of doubt
which empty itself
to give way to longing

© Sanchita C Text and Sketch

04 August 2012


Mouths moving
sounds originating
from those lips
hit my ear drums

the setting:
a chic restaurant,
appears out of focus –
like the background
of a picture
taken with a telephoto lens

then a realisation
hits from within:
everything is blurred
because I am an outsider –
I don’t belong,
I am too simple
for this atmosphere

I look at the glass of wine;
my mind before long
took me away
from the room but
soon again brought me back
- repeating it a few times

conversations were carrying on
eyes pointedly
asked for my opinion
softly I said some thing
tried to be frank
and to speak my mind

then I looked at the exit:
time to leave
and savour
my little accomplishment
of survival