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13 October 2012

Me next to the Moon

Imagine I am sitting next to the moon
Up in the empty space
On top of cottonball-like clouds
Between twinkling and still stars
Watching you
Embracing from a distance
Enveloping you in a feeling so intense
It washes away doubts from your mind
And you would know why I have
Chosen to fly

Text and photo: Sanchita C 2012

19 August 2012

Us in these Days

The mask is
gradually slipping
from sainthood,
a shadow slowly moving
over wisdom

We are not
the people I thought
we were;
the days are not
the ones I thought
they would be

Hours are almost full,
fine waves of artistry
impregnate seconds of doubt
which empty itself
to give way to longing

© Sanchita C Text and Sketch

04 August 2012


Mouths moving
sounds originating
from those lips
hit my ear drums

the setting:
a chic restaurant,
appears out of focus –
like the background
of a picture
taken with a telephoto lens

then a realisation
hits from within:
everything is blurred
because I am an outsider –
I don’t belong,
I am too simple
for this atmosphere

I look at the glass of wine;
my mind before long
took me away
from the room but
soon again brought me back
- repeating it a few times

conversations were carrying on
eyes pointedly
asked for my opinion
softly I said some thing
tried to be frank
and to speak my mind

then I looked at the exit:
time to leave
and savour
my little accomplishment
of survival

21 July 2012

the room

sitting outside the room
wondering if I should go in
unsorted mind can't decide
subdued thoughts become alive

'the very best or nothing'
was my resolve - almost dissolving
now by growing laughter and booming
voices pouring out of the half-lit room

loud rhythmic music plays in my head
steer me on my 'chosen course'
'hey stay away' - it said '- 'it's a distraction'
'beyond the laughter is freedom'

16 May 2012

Chapter in Between

Reality transforming into fantasies
- takes a second -
and before I know it
I am travelling on a different plane

Its always about you
How I would
prove myself to you
How I would
enjoy your company
in different circumstances

Fantasies and you
fill up the void
between my mind and heart
There is echo
of hope all around the blank space
but no path to
an open window or fresh air

I am stuck in between
with hopes, dreams and despair
You will live forever
here, in between, with me

19 April 2012

Scenes from a Drama

(i) Unease
Hands near breasts
- fragrant; heart beats stopped
electric and chemical currents
a quick glance; a fearful mind
startled – quickly, I retreated
immersed myself in the screen
pretense of being distracted

 ii) Interaction)
A little boy - not in school - sells
magazines to Iranian expatriates
sitting in an auto in April heat
can’t read - the woman gestures
the man – with a broken arm – buys
a few out of pity; at a traffic signal
I observe from behind my car window

(iii) Frozen
Cotton-ball like snow falls silently
on wooden balcony; my feet freeze
my inert fingers press the shutter
capture the scene on mind and screen
trepidation in my heart; amazement
at capacity to push mental boundary
but inability to go beyond etiquette

iv) Picture)
Beautiful breeze in my balcony
red and white flowers swaying
sparrows on an electric cable
sitting on a wicker chair I drink tea
my lazy mind and body refuse to see
red-bottomed birds though force me
to run inside and fetch my camera

(v) Meditation
 A woman’s mind is obsessed with self
- she said – a man’s with women;
I’m thankful he soothed my injury
gave me back faith and dignity
who knew life can be fair – really!
As if having discovered the truth
I mull over dramas I try to escape

Photos and text copyright Sanchita C

07 April 2012


A mask on the face
- a real mask, easily removable
used as a forced base,
made up of emotions – real and fragile

Emotions - caused by real events
used as a tool to win arguments
make us look naked but smoothly let us out
emotions so deep, they destroy bits of heart

Is it evil to use such emotions
as part of a scheme to score points?
such fights are imaginary but not ego,
ego so powerful, it makes a tiff hard to let go

The ego makes emotions stronger
like an animal, it feeds on feeling
and lets emotions last nearly forever
whereas they were meant to be just fleeting!

20 March 2012


A shadow –
of thought
of imagination
of love


This wasn’t meant to be
I wasn’t meant to fall

Make me bleed
Make me forget
Don’t let it happen

Those fantasies –
Make them stop!

Let the empty mind be –
Don’t fill it up
With garbage
Which destroys
Time and soul

But oh!
The thoughts
The dreams
The hopes

A little light
Burning somewhere
Makes life alive!

09 January 2012



I wish for Sands of Time
my own Magic Lamp, an Enchanted Wand
while I have given up on a witty romantic end
to my story of loss and mismatched rhyme

No more intoxication from liquor or gems
music doesn’t strike the same strings
Gluttony and a thirst for company
are what I am left with; in fact life looks funny

I wish for a miracle – for answers to a question
Why did life choose to teach me a lesson?
Excessive virtue or undying love, which one is the cause?
Or was this a simple random act – like always?

A growing conviction
the answer is hidden in the mundane
and the full picture will be revealed in time
Meanwhile, let me rebuild my little nursery rhyme