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30 July 2011

A Woman in India

This fate was sealed
the moment I was born

Born in a cage I was
condemned to live there

My mind got trapped in a box
so it could not escape

Life’s choices were eliminated
when my gender was revealed

I hear there are lands and people
which offer freedom and opportunities
- words which ring a bell with remote
abstract connotation in my brain

For as if I live my life each day
in a translucent glass ball
I am unable to see the outside
world but they see me alright!

24 July 2011

a piece of my day, a slice of nature

In the room that smelled of accomplishment
Where people talk with an air of knowingness
I wished to fly –
High above the clear blue sky

Tendency to push myself lower
Than the achieved bar
To settle for discounted comfort
To feel small in presence of big, brought
me to this

10 July 2011

by the river Ganga

Ganga or Ganges - the biggest river in India, home to many life forms, supported civilisation on its (and its tributaries and distributaries) banks' for 1000s of years and have been worshiped and venerated for generations. The river occupies a central place in Hindu system of beliefs. Indo-Gangetic plain is one of the most fertile and populous regions in the world. A trip to the river reveals many different aspects of its existence and the character of the people who live near the Ganges. This post tells the story of one evening.

hanging out in the evening





evening light reflects on water

buildings dot the river edge

enterprising children

looking for coins thrown by devotees

one of many factories next to the river

a leaf immersed in the river by some believer

the belief is that Mother Ganga can absorb, wash and purify every thing

now a flower thrown by a devotee

a pair of fishes - at last some thing which belongs to the river!

06 July 2011

My Country

Off I will be
to a familiar country
where the soil tastes so sweet to me
I will want to be me

The place which stayed stationary
in time – well almost! where my every worry
vanishes in its muddy ponds, bottle green trees and sultry
air like a child does in her mother’s lap

All my memories, much sadness,
a sense of gratitude are fully alive -
thanking the place for its existence
for they live because it does