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12 September 2011

Evolution of a Thought

Electrical waves are dancing
To some music of revolutions
Which is revolving around a guitar
And its rhythm dancing 
Around a room that is half-lit 
By lights refracting through water

These only help to accentuate 
The confusion of an empty mind 
Which usually focusses 
On rebellious thoughts
And miseries and fantasies
The mind is searching for words
To put down on a paper

But now a love song 
Playing softly is preventing 
Philosophical thoughts from rushing in
Faces which may make emotions 
Move come up instead 
Such thoughts though 
Are promptly discarded

Gradually the ideas on 
Truth and untruth 
Conscious and unconscious
Flow into the mind
And fill the previous 
Empty spaces to satisfaction  

Photo copyright: Sanchita C