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30 December 2011

The Journey

A crack in the sky
Reveals a temple
In shades of orange

Beside a half-wound
Pandal, where Devi
Resided for a few days

In a tumbling car
On a bouncy road
In search of purpose

Stirred conversations
Creating a cozy air,
Remind of empty nests

End of undefined days
As knitted emotions
Travel to blank sentiments

20 October 2011

Evening Song

When the sun was setting
between coconut leaves,
kites were going crazy while flying
right above the horizon
just below tinted clouds,
mynas and parrots were screaming
and singing on their way back home,
sweet monsoon breeze was mixing
fading sunlight with fluorescent
lights of the garden
and illuminating each evening walker,
I sat on the stairs of a medieval mausoleum
savoured the perfect moment
and celebrated the fraction of forever

14 October 2011


The face jumps
Back and forth
Sideways and vertcally
Into the subconscious
In my dreams
Between daydreams
All over waking hours

How strange it is
To have connection
With a certain stranger
- An unknown entitity
But a known face
And an undefined emotion
- What an inexplicable event!

So I am happy
My mind is occupied
Proves that I am alive
Though still a fool
As if I’ve not moved beyond
Those confused teenage years
- Still dreaming, still hoping…

27 September 2011

Living Life through Someone Else's

A wide gaze,
Breathless chest -
She is absorbing
My stories
Bit by bit,
Transposing herself
In the stories
In my place

Substituting her
Life with mine,
Which I think
Is as ordinary
As it goes,
As normal
As possible:
Does she know this?


Is it love?
- The reason for
Her transposed
Existence; or
Is my life
Truly exceptional?
So any one
Would want it?

I admit though
I love it!
- Her desire
To be me…
But she should
Get her own
First-hand life –
Need I tell her this?

12 September 2011

Evolution of a Thought

Electrical waves are dancing
To some music of revolutions
Which is revolving around a guitar
And its rhythm dancing 
Around a room that is half-lit 
By lights refracting through water

These only help to accentuate 
The confusion of an empty mind 
Which usually focusses 
On rebellious thoughts
And miseries and fantasies
The mind is searching for words
To put down on a paper

But now a love song 
Playing softly is preventing 
Philosophical thoughts from rushing in
Faces which may make emotions 
Move come up instead 
Such thoughts though 
Are promptly discarded

Gradually the ideas on 
Truth and untruth 
Conscious and unconscious
Flow into the mind
And fill the previous 
Empty spaces to satisfaction  

Photo copyright: Sanchita C

03 September 2011

An Excited Mind

Excited, nervous, stressed
Veins throbbing inside my head;
I lay my head on a pillow
But there are crowed images in my mind
Light and deep thoughts making noise
Jumping from ideas to ideas
From one vision to the next one;
Tiredness has set in though eyes won’t close
Then thoughts and ideas begin to speak
And I was speaking to them!
Is this beginning of insanity
Or the mind of an excited little girl?
May be its just me: an ageing
Immature woman – still not content,
Still searching; many ambitions
And looking for eternal peace;
But then, when peace comes to me
I will rest for an eternity
Now please let me keep on going!

01 September 2011


I spread the pictures
Through them, I spread happiness 
Their happiness; but more
Than theirs, my own!

Its my way of giving
Back to the world that
Has given so much - in form of
Painting, sketching and photography!

Their smiles and gratitude
Their warmth and jokes –
Fills up my heart, satisfies my ego
Rejuvenates my mind and soul  

07 August 2011

Questions of Philosophical Naivety

I know I did pass through a storm
relatively unscathed but there were
some losses too and some gains – in terms
of knowing about unpredictability of fate

Now upon finding I actually know
nothing but I have a choice
because I am free - I wonder
whether I have discovered the meaning

Or will future struggles
and readings reveal
some sort of hollowness
of my realised wisdom to me!

I know I am capable of deep love
but sometimes a judging tongue
cuts deep into me than anything else
and I don’t know how to correct this flaw

Then I wonder is it my superego that
keeps me in the ‘comfort zone’?
Or is it also a question of essential freedom:
what I am can be shaped by what I want to be?

30 July 2011

A Woman in India

This fate was sealed
the moment I was born

Born in a cage I was
condemned to live there

My mind got trapped in a box
so it could not escape

Life’s choices were eliminated
when my gender was revealed

I hear there are lands and people
which offer freedom and opportunities
- words which ring a bell with remote
abstract connotation in my brain

For as if I live my life each day
in a translucent glass ball
I am unable to see the outside
world but they see me alright!