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28 October 2013

Finally, I Hear

Finally, I heard you speak;
as if a thousand years
of silence filled with
endless moments of self doubt
and dilemma broke

I woke up this morning
with a discomfort in my body
but with immeasurable
waves of happiness-like
feeling within me; it seemed
nothing or no one can break
the spell: the words I heard
from you in a voice that
spoke with affection and trust,
which seemed to build a wall
around me, within which
I can only prosper
and grow unhindered

Text and Pictures: Sanchita C 2013

06 October 2013


When you know how to be
happy with small, depthless things
and compare it with brooding
in endless heights,
you wonder which is more
important in the path to love

After searching for acceptance
when you know you have arrived
there is a fleeting feeling
known as happiness:
short-lived because
some other piece of
reflection will soon replace this

Your soul is still
hungry – it wants
that touch, spectacular
fulfilment of a dream

Once you had it all
but didn’t know,
you had to lose
to know you cannot
live only on a notion

Photo and text: Sanchita C 2013