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28 December 2013

Us in this Universe

A fraction of the moon
- half-lit, half-dark; and a
bright star or may be a planet –
at a bit of distance in the
violet-ish dark sky; somewhat
like you and me: together
up there, close to each other
but still far; shining but
threatened by limitless black
emptiness; hanging on,
singing songs of hope and future,
scared of what might befall
both or one of us if the universe
decides to collapse or expand

Text and photo: Sanchita C 2013

21 November 2013


The dark silhouette I see
ahead of me and to the
right and the left of me –
rising from the earth; a
few more layers of blue-grey
ranges behind them and
a hint of snow-capped peaks
even further beyond; there
are lines and sentences
hidden in those and in
the columns of clouds
scattered towards the upper
edge of the horizon – crowding
above some hills more
than the others, attracted
more to snowy mountains
than the others; there are
images too – past and future;
and memories aplenty –
sentimental, distant, dreamy,
unborn, still-being-formed,
optimistic and sad kinds;
possibilities are endless –
life is still unfolding
slowly but surely

Text and Photo: Sanchita C 2013

28 October 2013

Finally, I Hear

Finally, I heard you speak;
as if a thousand years
of silence filled with
endless moments of self doubt
and dilemma broke

I woke up this morning
with a discomfort in my body
but with immeasurable
waves of happiness-like
feeling within me; it seemed
nothing or no one can break
the spell: the words I heard
from you in a voice that
spoke with affection and trust,
which seemed to build a wall
around me, within which
I can only prosper
and grow unhindered

Text and Pictures: Sanchita C 2013

06 October 2013


When you know how to be
happy with small, depthless things
and compare it with brooding
in endless heights,
you wonder which is more
important in the path to love

After searching for acceptance
when you know you have arrived
there is a fleeting feeling
known as happiness:
short-lived because
some other piece of
reflection will soon replace this

Your soul is still
hungry – it wants
that touch, spectacular
fulfilment of a dream

Once you had it all
but didn’t know,
you had to lose
to know you cannot
live only on a notion

Photo and text: Sanchita C 2013

14 July 2013


Imagine you and I are sitting
under a clear blue sky,
a lone cloud sailing across
the horizon behind us striking us
with cool rays which mix with
sweetened breeze from the ocean
to create an ambience of tranquility
imagine I am humming a soft tune
and you holding my hand to caress
and reassure your presence now and forever
people passing by smiling at this picture
of tenderness and peace
but did this not happen already?

Is this what they call déjà vu?
Or is it one of my daydreams
I don't know what it is but it fills me
With a cool sunshine

Photo and text: Sanchita C 2013

13 January 2013

the end of dreams

All the dreams were crushed
the moment I finished talking

The dreams which did not
stop even when I had given up,
the dreams which transformed
into fantasies when I managed
to squeeze myself into an empty corner
or found my own space – often
in the middle of chaos and screams,
the dreams which filled me
with warmth and hope,
the dreams which came
when I was not talking to you
and some times after we talked

But now – after a dry-
business-like conversation
between two friends who
have years behind them
and perhaps also ahead of them
the dreams simply ceased to appear

Text and Photo: Sanchita C 2013