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30 May 2014


There is a bouncy ball
inside of me – bouncing
left, right, up and down –
it makes me edgy, dreamy
and twitchy – walking up
and down my living room,
talking incessantly – mostly
to myself, I reach a point

The point divides itself
into three or four paths –
I stop and look – unsure
which way is the right
way or if there is one;
if all is a matter of choice –
how to make it; a grand
old, huge tree next to me
sways with the wind –
it seems to speak to me,
whispers … rather, says words
in an unfamiliar language
and yet there is some thing
I understand in its message
- not fully though; I wait, sit
and listen – only when
I’d decipher, I’ll move on

Verse & photo: © Sanchita C 2014

27 May 2014

Divine Intervention

Tears had dried up
I wasn’t mourning
for the love I cannot
accept, I stepped
near my window,
opened it – big, round,
smiling, kind eyes looked
up at me and said:
“hey, it is alright”;

Must be my personal
version of divine intervention
that saved the day
for me, brought me
a big, bright, sunny smile!

03 May 2014

The City

I walked the streets
of the city in the heat,
while the rains came and
washed me and
then its air became
pleasant – all the while
pictures and words
were formed – some
came to get attached
to my mirror and
leaves, some spoke
to me and brought my
inner being onto themseleves,
others got lost in the
metropolis of crowded
millions; I got
busy with heartaches,
ambition and bodyaches,
meanwhile the city was
grinding me to make
me into a substance
of calm, clearness and courage –
it threw out the pulp
of dimness and doubt
and nurtured the
loving, trusting, frolicking me

Photography and verse: © Sanchita C 2014

Photos were taken in Mumbai