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23 April 2014

Now and Forever

I am repaying debts,
creating new ones – for
others to repay

Meanwhile there is
a bird spreading its
wings to fold them back
-  again and again,
on its feathers are written
words of wealth, desire,
envy and fear,
its colours shining bright,
people spot it from
a distance

I wait for it
to fly away;
now and then the bird
spreads its enormous
wings fully – so enormous
that its shadow covers
me – it flies,
to return soon

Turning my head
I see old love
standing still – I thought
I had put it away,
I must have kept a
door open; with it
are waiting longing,
heart-burn and
hope, all are together -
they will be: now and forever

Verse and Photography: © Sanchita C 2014 

12 April 2014


You know life is tough
when you try to change
an equation
and the equation refuses
to budge

you read some lines,
hear some words,
take a stroll,
you try to accept
but you cannot; and you are
not happy

    giving up, you neither
accept nor try to change
now you just smile

Photography and verse: Sanchita C 2014