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19 April 2012

Scenes from a Drama

(i) Unease
Hands near breasts
- fragrant; heart beats stopped
electric and chemical currents
a quick glance; a fearful mind
startled – quickly, I retreated
immersed myself in the screen
pretense of being distracted

 ii) Interaction)
A little boy - not in school - sells
magazines to Iranian expatriates
sitting in an auto in April heat
can’t read - the woman gestures
the man – with a broken arm – buys
a few out of pity; at a traffic signal
I observe from behind my car window

(iii) Frozen
Cotton-ball like snow falls silently
on wooden balcony; my feet freeze
my inert fingers press the shutter
capture the scene on mind and screen
trepidation in my heart; amazement
at capacity to push mental boundary
but inability to go beyond etiquette

iv) Picture)
Beautiful breeze in my balcony
red and white flowers swaying
sparrows on an electric cable
sitting on a wicker chair I drink tea
my lazy mind and body refuse to see
red-bottomed birds though force me
to run inside and fetch my camera

(v) Meditation
 A woman’s mind is obsessed with self
- she said – a man’s with women;
I’m thankful he soothed my injury
gave me back faith and dignity
who knew life can be fair – really!
As if having discovered the truth
I mull over dramas I try to escape

Photos and text copyright Sanchita C

07 April 2012


A mask on the face
- a real mask, easily removable
used as a forced base,
made up of emotions – real and fragile

Emotions - caused by real events
used as a tool to win arguments
make us look naked but smoothly let us out
emotions so deep, they destroy bits of heart

Is it evil to use such emotions
as part of a scheme to score points?
such fights are imaginary but not ego,
ego so powerful, it makes a tiff hard to let go

The ego makes emotions stronger
like an animal, it feeds on feeling
and lets emotions last nearly forever
whereas they were meant to be just fleeting!