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23 June 2014

Back from Ladakh - Is this a Dream?

As if I am in a dream. A travelling life in high Himalayas is not the dream. It's a reality which eludes me some times. It’s this life – a life in the private corporate sector, working almost for financial incentives and promotions - which seems a dream to me.  My move to Bombay – more than a year-and-a-half ago – has torn me away from that which I love very much – the Himalayas. 

Yes, I like the sea, I do like Bombay, I like beaches. But there is nothing more I like than a sight of snow-capped mountains waking up in the morning. In the last few months, the Himalaya itch was killing me. I began making plans to travel to Ladakh more than two-and-a-half months before the travel date. Since I finalised the plan, I told myself every day I have to be patient and that it will happen. I so looked forward to this that I thought my trip would get cancelled.  But I did go! I went to Ladakh on what became a 9-day trip. More details soon!

Some photos can be found @Instagram:

The call of the Himalayas was so strong that I had written this before I travelled (normally I don’t provide background of my poems)

Waiting, dancing hidden 
silent steps within,
counting every moment –
when will I lie
on your lap?
will I ever reach
that point?

Dreaming, day-dreaming,
can’t wait anymore,
desiring, when I resolved
to never desire,
failing, in my gameplan.

But I know you
will come to me
if I am unable
to reach you

Photography and text: Sanchita C 2014

08 June 2014

Two poems and photography


Faces and words –
floating everywhere
covering all words
of an unknown way,
one captures
some of these to
frame them on
inner mind, so that
they become part
of your intentions,
then they go away,
leaving behind a vacuum
to be filled by
other faces and words

Are You a Dream or Am I?

As if I am a dream,
you are my reality;
you come into me
when I am awake,
in my sleep I am
in someone else’s arms;
when I look at myself
on a glass, I am
amazed every time –
I couldn’t be real-
because if I am
you must be a dream

Poetry and Photography © Sanchita C 2014

stand out from the crowd Photo by June S. -- National Geographic Your Shot

Finally the world starts coming…

a Nat Geo editor selected this photo as a favorite in a submission on an assignment: 'The Animals we Love'

stand out from the crowd Photo by June S. -- National Geographic Your Shot