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23 June 2014

Back from Ladakh - Is this a Dream?

As if I am in a dream. A travelling life in high Himalayas is not the dream. It's a reality which eludes me some times. It’s this life – a life in the private corporate sector, working almost for financial incentives and promotions - which seems a dream to me.  My move to Bombay – more than a year-and-a-half ago – has torn me away from that which I love very much – the Himalayas. 

Yes, I like the sea, I do like Bombay, I like beaches. But there is nothing more I like than a sight of snow-capped mountains waking up in the morning. In the last few months, the Himalaya itch was killing me. I began making plans to travel to Ladakh more than two-and-a-half months before the travel date. Since I finalised the plan, I told myself every day I have to be patient and that it will happen. I so looked forward to this that I thought my trip would get cancelled.  But I did go! I went to Ladakh on what became a 9-day trip. More details soon!

Some photos can be found @Instagram:

The call of the Himalayas was so strong that I had written this before I travelled (normally I don’t provide background of my poems)

Waiting, dancing hidden 
silent steps within,
counting every moment –
when will I lie
on your lap?
will I ever reach
that point?

Dreaming, day-dreaming,
can’t wait anymore,
desiring, when I resolved
to never desire,
failing, in my gameplan.

But I know you
will come to me
if I am unable
to reach you

Photography and text: Sanchita C 2014