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24 December 2010

It Happened Once

Passion ridden moments
Increasing intensity of interplay
Between body and mind, night and day
In a damp faraway cheap hotel -
As if heavens resided here, as if
The world was coming to an end;
Folds in the curtain, a glimpse of
Grey buildings and blue sky;

Footsteps on the narrow wooden staircase
Echoing in silence of emptiness of the affair
Reason said, ‘end is coming near – fast’
Soul disagreed, said ‘you are wrong!
When its right I know- centuries of experience!
I tell you this is it…’; Reason was unchanged,
Cast a shadow over the magic spell
That fully soaked the room
A step out in narrow orderly street
Revealed the chasm between hopes and truth
Darkness and light, aloofness and crowd;
It enhanced the solitude, the confusion within;
Soul and reason are now poles apart
An attempt at holding on to dreams

Electric touch, a kiss fills up the soul
It expands – as if it’s going to burst
Humanity ceases to exist – doubts disappear
Sweet music permeates the world
Uphill walk seems like a glide
Phone rings, reverie breaks, its reality
On the other side! ‘I said – it’s not meant to be’,
Cried out damned Reason, ‘No!’ exclaimed Soul
Looking for signs of hope and light

It was a long battle,
Longer was the reconciliation
The morning after is engraved in memory
It was victory for a part of me
There was sharp pain -
Now buried deep within
‘What’s wrong’, ask strangers
I give feeble excuses while hiding the truth
Cloaking all feelings: denial makes life livable
The scar it’s for life, so are the blissful memories