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05 June 2011

Ambitions in Grey Scale

Grey and dark grey
how grey are the ambitions
in a grey scale?

Will strive for glory
and recognition of efforts to gain some edge,
when a few glorious minds and bodies
demonstrate their inherited or achieved exaltation,
when they show-off and there is a show-down;
the desires will reach an agitated, elevated state;
the world will be in my cupped hands
will what I would feel for what
would seem like eternal burning moments


And then will appear calmness
and serene desires like serene blue water
in the comfortable corner of cushions
and the fish-tank filled with blue water;
this is the world, this is what I had dreamed of
will what I would think as I will arrange pillows for a deep sleep

Sometimes, the world will turn another shade of grey
misfortunes, unfortunate events will come into play
in the mind: rising from deep within they will cover transitory
existence like the way clouds envelope the sky;
turbulent thoughts like a summer storm will destroy
some of my well-established suppositions;
soon enough I will emerge from such notions

Again and again
it’s a circle of grey shades
light to dark, dark to light
comes and goes
like cycles of business occupations;
I have no control over it
but usually act with pre-destined
methods when certain shades of greyness
take possession of me; little by little life moves on